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Pivot your Practice 2020




Are you ready to turn this crisis

into the opportunity of the century?


Apply for a space in the Neuro-  Dynamics Academy today.

Build a digital practice rapidly with  revenues to lead you out of the


Limited Space Available

Apply Today

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Join the Neuro-Dynamics Academy today and learn how to expand your practice and take it online rapidly.

We’re inviting you to be one of the first 30 to take part.

The Neuro-Dynamics Academy is a four week online Microschool to train practitioners to  pivot their practice to a digital platform and earn a steady and predictable income.

We are bringing over 20 years of experience in neuro-development to you and will teach  you all we know to enhance and expand you and your practice to lead you out of the  crisis.



Limited Space Available

Apply Today

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Neuro-Dynamics Academy 2020

Join us today to reset, restructure and relaunch your practice on a digital platform. 

Make your practice crisis proof.

Limited Space Available

Apply Today

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  1. Generate a stable monthly income by expanding your reach. Take action steps today to ensure tomorrow.

  2. Learn directly from Dr. Beulah van der Westhuizen and tap her brain on neuro-development and neuro-developmental assessments and how to read the signs and symptoms associated with the conditions  you are working with. 

  3. Expand your mind and learn about the underlying neuro-developmental aspect and root cause isses that affect children in learning and living.

  4. Join The Assessment Centre AFFILIATES Hub.  Our Be[in]Formed Professionals™ circle is a space  where we discuss cases and continue to learn from  each other. Have access to our online platform and  report generator.

  5. Join a team with a set career path. Become a PARTNER in The Assessment Centre where we can assign assessment to you from our  assessment requests accordingly to your time and availability.

Limited Space Available

Apply Today

5 Reasons to Join the Neuro-Dynamics Academy

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