Assessment Range

Assessment 1 : Pre-Schoolers - 3 to 6 years old

This phase in childhood development is marked with important milestones and ones that can be tracked easily. Early intervention is of utmost importance. We also look at learning readiness and combine 6 developmental areas with primitive reflexes and a sensory motor profiling.

Assessment 2 : Junior Primary - 7 to 9 years old

This phase marks the entrance to formal schooling and indicates a period of rapid adaptation and integration. This is an exciting phase in child development but can be daunting for children with difficulties. We evaluate 11 different neuro-cognitive aspects in conjunction with primitive reflexes and a sensory motor profile. 

Assessment 3 : Primary - 10 to 13 years old

Entering puberty can be difficult for many students. Hormonal changes can influence attention and socialisation. Our assessment process invites them to take an active part in finding solutions to work for them during this stage. We evaluate 26 neuro-cognitive aspects in conjunction with primitive reflexes and a sensory motor profile. 

Assessment 4 : Intermediate - 14 to 16 years old

Entering the senior phase of schooling, students now rely heavily on neuro-cognitive abilities to support academic work. This is the phase we subject choices and career orientation should start to take shape. We assess 26 neuro-cognitive abilities and map them against potential careers. We bring all the information obtained from the Be[in]Formed Parents Questionnaire. 

Assessment 5 : Adolescent - 17  and older

The final stage in formal schooling which should prepare them for life outside of school. Critical thinking and executive functioning is of utmost importance during this phase. For optimal career (vocational and professional) choices, we need to consider aptitude, neuro-cognition, interest and personality. We bring these aspects together with our normal neuro-developmental assessment to complete the picture. 





Be[In]Formed™ Parent Tool

We make use of our unique interactive online tool to take you trough 20 different subsets of questions to extract all the background information we need. This process takes time and accuracy on your part is important.


We arrange a time that is suitable to you and your child and we will allocate an assessor. Parents are required to be available to assist the online assessment process. 

Evaluations can take place online or on location, depending on availability and accessibility.

We compile the iMAP™ and prepare the Be[in]Formed Parents™ Report. 

* Please note that a cancellation period of 24 hours is applicable after booking an assessment.

Feedback and Report

A one hour feedback session will be arranged during which we will discuss your child's iMAP™ and Be[in]Formed Parents™ Report. This comprehensive report spans more than 80 pages and will provide the assessment results. The Be[in]Formed Parents™ Report will reflect the 20 different aspects covered alongside explanations as to how the results can be interpreted. First action steps will be given. 


You can opt to join The Development Centre™ where a custom made developmental program will be designed specifically for your child, called iDevelop™. Facilitators will assist your child on a weekly basis.