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The Assessor Team


Dr. Beulah van der Westhuizen

Educational Psychologist and Founder of The Assessment Center & The Development Center, designer of iMap & iDevelop. An international authority in neuro-development. Founder of EduExcellence Schools, Centres, and Satellites & TheraEd.


Nastasha Jacobs

Counsellor and Practice Manager. With almost 10 years in EduExcellence, Nastasha has vast experience in neuro-developmental assessments, program development and assistance. 

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Yvette Fouché

As a Registered Psychometrist and Counsellor, Yvette has a keen interest in therapeutic intervention with children. Being a mother, she understands how each child is an individual, special being and that magic awaits to be discovered in every moment.

The Assessor Team

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Deidré Bester

Deidre Bester is a Psychometrist in independent practice and has 12 years of experience with children with special needs. She strives to help children thrive and reach their potential by identifying their strengths and areas of development. With a young child of her own, she is able to connect easily with children, allowing them to feel seen and heard.  

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Susanna Wessels

Registered more than 20 years ago, Susanna has practised psychometry in many different areas with
extensive experience in assessment and intervention.

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Marizanne van Tonder

As an Intern Psychometrist with more than a year’s worth of experience, most of my
practical experience has been done in the Educational sector with children from
different backgrounds.

I plan on completing my board exam this year and growing my experience within the Educational sector of Psychometric assessments as children has always been an interest of mine.

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