The Assessor Team


Dr. Beulah van der Westhuizen

Educational Psychologist and Founder of The Assessment Centre. An international authority in neuro-development. Founder of EduExcellence Schools, Centres and Satellites, TheraEd, iMap & iDevelop 


Nastasha Jacobs

Counsellor and Practice Manager. With almost 10 years in EduExcellence, Nastasha has vast experience in neuro-developmental assessments, program development and assistance. 

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Yvette Steyn

As a Registered Psychometrist and Counsellor, Yvette has a keen interest in therapeutic intervention with children. Being a mother, she understands how each child is an individual, special being and that magic awaits to be discovered in every moment.

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Deidré Bester

I am a registered Psychometrist practicing in the Southern Suburbs of Cape Town with 10 years of experience in the field of Autism and related disorders. In addition, I support families in the home environment to provide structure, routine, and tools to support their special needs children.

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Crystal-Ann Smith

Counsellor and intuitive assessor. Crystal has 6 years experience working with Neuro-divergent individuals. Her attention to detail and in-depth understanding of Neurodevelopment paves the way for her accurate and effective therapeutic interventions


Lize Fölscher

As a Registered Psychometrist, practicing mainly in the Educational setting for the past 5 years in the Northern Suburbs of Cape Town, it is important to me to keep the best interest of your child in mind and to assist in setting up a plan to ensure his/her holistic well-being while also encouraging the development of his/her own learning potential.

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